About Asian Info Net

Reshaping traditional process to easy accessible streamline process

Asian Info Net develops mobile applications, gaming software, and websites to help businesses to generate more revenue. We develop innovative and unique software that can be used to automate various needs/tasks according to the process. We build automated systems to support sectors from manufacturing to biomedical. We build applications that can be used for the further customization of day-to-day business operations.

Starting in 2015 Asian Info Net has grown exponentially through its research in digital technology. With the rapid growth in technology and innovation, Asian Info Net is now the largest digital solution provider for many businesses in Madurai, Chennai, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, the U.S., and about 20+ countries across the globe.


Our vision is to help every business succeed by going online. In the next 10 years, all small businesses in and around Madurai to run their business digitally without any hassle. While we cater to the rest of the areas with high-quality systems and solutions.


Our mission is to deliver modern and futuristic solutions to all businesses at the best competitive pricing with high-quality and customer satisfaction.

Team Collaboration

With trust, collaboration, and excellence in delivery, we help you transform digitally and scale up your business growth.

Transparency & Integrity

We build mobile and web applications that meet your digital needs without exception. We deliver solutions with transparency and integrity, all while raising the standards of innovation.

Why Choose Asian Info Net


Our mobile app development strategies are defined before diving into the whole process.


Our credibility can be witnessed by the quality of the apps we have developed.

Transformational Outcome

Our mobile applications transform your style of engagement with your customers and yield more profit.

Awesome Services

We develop websites, mobile applications, gaming software, and all digital solutions that attract, educate, nurture and convert your visitors to customers in one place.