Social media marketing services in Chennai

Social Media is the fastest growing trend in the history of the world.

Social Media Marketing Solutions

Our SMM experts will build your social media marketing plan from the scratch by integrating SEO and expandable social media marketing strategies to turn the sites into traffic-generating domains for your business.
Our complete social media campaign tracks the likes, shares, and social media ad clicks performance. With our 15+ years of social media analytics of understanding and implementation of SEO, knowledge is incomparable. Incorporating SMM and SEO we run complete social media campaigns at low cost.


Organic social media is anything that happens on social media without paid promotion. When you post as your page but don’t put any money behind this post to “boost” it, you are creating an organic post. If you comment on a business’s post in your news feed, and the “Sponsored” tag does not appear on the post, that action qualifies as organic. In other words, organic actions occur on non-ads.
  • A solid organic strategy improves your online presence and reputation
  • It is a cost effective strategy that reaps high gains
  • Every popular social media outlet has an organic strategy


Paid social media is anything that is influenced by advertising dollars spent. Any post in your news feed that has the “Sponsored” tag is paid social media. If you then “like” that post, that is considered a paid reaction. Paid social media includes boosted posts, ads optimized for clicks, lead generation forms, video ads, among other objectives, and can be targeted by a variety of demographic and behavioral factors.
  • Facebook, and many other social media networks is truly a pay-to-play network.
  • A paid strategy increases your brand’s reach and awareness to targeted audiences.
  • A well executed campaign is worth the effort.

Our Process

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.


We discover the potential of business ideas by having an one-to-one meeting with our clients after which we decide upon the marketing strategies by coming out with various possibilities to choose the best.



Every idea needs scheduling a proper process to put the plan into action. Our team of SMM experts decide upon the most suitable strategy to hit the target customers with the right strategy.



In this stage we will decide which strategy is the best for the clients and we map out our plans for the out reach. By doing this, 70 percent of the plans would have been decided and our team would explain every information in detail to the clients, in order to satisfy their expectations and to make changes if necessary.



By now, the style and the theme of the content that would be delivered on the social media will be decided. We follow unique style and theme for every business and we make sure that our content attract more footfalls



This is the final stage and we will handover a detailed report of the marketing process with various ideas implemented to satisfy the promotional needs of our clients. This report is the outline of what we do with S,MM for our clients and the ROI it yields after completing the mission.