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1. Easy Signup & Login

Users detest spending plenty of your time filling in their information to begin using the app.

2. Super Easy Login

This feature allows returning features to log in quickly.

3. One-Step Registration

A streamlined signup process simplifies the users’ registration process, enabling them to signup/login to the app via sign and email with OTP or external accounts like Google or Facebook.

4. In-Store Features

Nowadays, users prefer that the app offer them an in-store experience; hence consider integrating things like barcode search, checking stock during a local store, sending alerts when users are within a selected range of the shop, and offering local & personalized offers.

5. Payment Modes

In the eCommerce space, people nowadays favour different payment modes and choose one as their convenience.

6. AI Voice Assistant

Voice Shopping using computing may be a good way to supply users with a much better consumer experience.

7. Pushcart

It is a vital feature for online shopping because it facilitates purchasing a product/service.

8. Use Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality may be a brilliant way of presenting your product to customers in an exceedingly real context.

9. Product Gallery

A product page must have a correct product gallery, including quite a few images of the products.

10. Product Descriptions

When looking to buy a product, users have an interest in additional than the product’s images; they require an in-depth product description.

11. Product Filtering & Sorting

When an internet store offers many products, it effectively implements functional sorting & filtering options.

12. Membership Options

Offering your customers a membership program immensely boosts customer loyalty.

13. Secure Payment

The in-app payment option has become an essential feature for online stores.

14. Order Summary

Using this feature, your customers can check whether their order includes all the things they’re willing to shop for.

15. Shipping Options

This functionality allows app users to decide on available shipping options and displays the costs for every option and therefore the estimated delivery time for every option.

16. Add Company Data And Order An Invoice

When customers are offered the choice to enter their company data and acquire an invoice quickly, it builds brand loyalty and provides an excellent checkout experience for a selected segment of shoppers.

17. Online Returns

To make the return process smooth to deliver an excellent online shopping experience to your customers.

18. Loyalty Points

Many online businesses offer their customers to put in an app and use it anytime they purchase at the net store.

19. Personalized Product Recommendations

This functionality allows users to simply access products that suit their preferences, quickly completing the acquisition.

20. Wishlist

Everyone engaging in online shopping loves the thought of Wishlist because it allows them to mark their favourite items without adding them to the handcart.

21. Item Availability Reminder

Several online stores allow users to be notified of a product they’re keen on buying but don’t seem to be available.

22. Check Product Availability, particularly Locations

This feature allows customers to test the supply of an item in an exceedingly specific location.

23. A variety Of Products Users Have Seen/Left On the merchandise List

Most eCommerce stores offer an unlimited range of products.

24. Shipping Status

By tracking their shipping status, customers can estimate their order’s arrival date and time.

25. Flash Sales & Discounts

Sales and discounts are great ways to drive customers to your online stores, and within the case of the eCommerce app store, it’s easy to notify customers about upcoming promotions, events, attractive discounts, and sales.

26. Swift Checkout

Today, almost everyone likes to shop online, and users highly appreciate making quick and straightforward transactions on the app.

27. Offline Functionality

This functionality offers an efficient thanks to increasing sales and boosting customer experience.

28. Alerts/Push Notifications

Push Notifications are how to alert your customers about new products/services, personalized marketing campaigns, flash sales, and discount offers.

29. quick access To Customer Service

Online brands have to ensure accessible customer service access.

30. Ratings & Reviews

In the case of an internet store, what helps to make trust towards your brand is the opinions of other users, and this is often why online stores allow users to rate their experience with the shop, with the products they purchased and share their experience in reviews.

31. Barcode Scanner

When the app is integrated with barcode scanner functionality, because the customer shops at the physical outlet of a web store, they will quickly scan a barcode to explore more of a few products.

32. Integration With a web Store

This is an excellent thanks to enhancing the users’ shopping experience together with your brand.

33. Personalized Content

Personalization can make a giant difference in user engagement.

34. Fewer Clicks

Today, the trend is ‘the lesser, the higher as everyone has become one click, one tap, and one touch, which comes naturally to mobile apps.

35. App Reviews

User reviews are an excellent marketing tool because it allows the apps to trace user experience and make necessary improvements to the app.

36. Advanced Search Capability

An e-commerce app usually has an intensive catalogue.

37. WaitList

This functionality allows users to feature and save products on the waitlist so that they can purchase them shortly.

38. Progress Bar

Progress Bar functionality allows users to anticipate the number of steps to be taken before making the acquisition.

39. Custom Branding

A custom branding logo with specific colours and visual coordination makes the app look appealing and offers an aesthetic look.

40. Social Media Integration

This feature allows app users to simply register and share the purchased products’ details.

41. Google Analytics

Measure the app’s full potential by integrating this functionality.

42. Synchronization

It is often pretty exhausting for the developers to match the app with the brand’s website, and here synchronization helps greatly, saving lots of your time and energy.

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